The Montecito Santa Fe has taken the COVID-19 Pandemic very seriously and has been following both NMDOH & CDC guidelines for slowing the spread of COVID-19 since mid-March of 2020. Our policies and procedures are continuously adapting to meet the current safety and care needs of all of our residents during these challenging times.

The Montecito campus is unique in that our independent living and assisted living and Memory Care residents do not all reside under the same roof. Because of this, our COVID-19 safe protocols are different depending on where you reside on campus.

Independent Living: Independent living residents, when first moving onto campus, must show proof of negative COVID-19 test result within 10 days prior to move in. A new resident is under quarantine for the first 14 days on campus. For our independent residents, that means that they will not be allowed to come into the main building or interact with other residents. We will not begin housekeeping services until after the quarantine period has ended & any staff entering the unit during quarantine must wear proper PPE. Any current resident who leaves the state, is admitted to a hospital or rehab, or any resident who feels they may have been exposed to COVID-19 will also be put on a 14-day quarantine.

Assisted Living and Memory Care: Assisted living and memory care (MC) residents, when first moving onto campus must also provide proof of negative COVID-19 test result within 10 days prior to move-in. Depending on where the resident is transferring from, an additional COVID-19 test may be required. A new assisted living/MC resident is under strict room quarantine for the first 14 days in the community. All staff entering the room must wear proper PPE when interacting with any resident under room quarantine. After the initial 14-day quarantine is over, new residents may move about freely within assisted living/MC. They may go on escorted walks around campus but cannot leave assisted living/MC except for Dr.’s visits and other medically necessary outings.

Visitation of family and friends is currently limited to window visits and video chats. Exceptions are made for end of life visitation.

Campus Protocols: The Montecito Clubhouse is not open to the general public at this time with the following exceptions:

Tours: We are allowing scheduled, in person tours, of our independent living apartments & villas. For assisted living / memory care we are scheduling Zoom tours.

Salon: Is only open for Montecito Residents, no outside clientele at this time.

Fitness center: Is only open for Montecito Residents, no outside clientele at this time. Independent residents can schedule an appointment to use the fitness center. Only one person or one household is allowed in the fitness center at a time. Hot tubs and steam rooms remain closed.

Spa – The spa is open to outside clientele and independent residents. There is a separate entrance to the spa area so that outside clientele does not have to come through the main building.

The Montecito takes pride in providing all of our residents with a safe living environment and we will continue to adjust policy and procedure as necessary to ensure everyone living at The Montecito feels safe and supported through these very difficult times.